About Nancy

HELLO - my name is Nancy Walker and I’m a retired mom of three AMAZING grown children - 2 girls and 1 boy.

When my kids were younger I always hand- made their clothes by either sewing or crocheting. As the years went by and they got older they chose to go along with the crowd and wear “name brand” clothing and consequently I moved on to other things. Well about 10 years ago I found myself retired and bored so I decided to start crocheting and knitting again and before I knew it I was loving every minute and could not stop. I had so many things made that I decided to start an online shop and participate in Craft Fairs.

Everything is hand made by me, myself and I 😊. Every item is made with acrylic yarn, hand embellished and NO two items are identical. Some of the colors may be alike, but each hat or Sweater Blanket is uniquely designed .All items are made and shipped out of my smoke-free home.